About E-dacious

E-dacious represents a variety of root foods plus all your favourites.

Dee Sarwan & Felicia Singh

I have been privileged to grow up in a household where 3 fresh meals were prepared each and every day – there came a time when I was the one preparing the meals nevertheless fresh food was never not there.

My children experience this same privilege – they have no idea what jar baby food tastes like. By the time they were teens, they were introduced to more foods that most adults have had in their entire lifetime.

Together with my daughter Felicia – the fitness enthusiast; we bring you E-dacious! No wheat, no dairy, no potato starch, no xanthan gum, no corn, no added sugar! Easy, portable, highly nutritious snacking and baked treats.

I believe cooking a fresh meal everyday for my family has given my children Olivia and Felicia; a strong foundation in clean healthy eating habits.  Today my cooking style borrows from various cultures, countries and ethnicity fused together to create a variety of wheat and dairy free meals, incorporating all the goodness of root vegetables and other elements from my heritage.

Why was E-dacious Wheat and Dairy free foods established?

This decision to establish a hub for wheat and dairy free recipes delighted my daughter Felicia who is inspired to learn the secrets of creating scrumptious meals without all the add fat, refined sugar and fillers.

Felicia, a fitness enthusiast learned very eary in her life that junk food in fuelled pimples and rashes.  She thrives on healthy, home cooked meals and guilt free treats. 

I was one of those moms for years who knew better, could do better but found myself chasing the clock every day.  A full time working mom, raising two young children who were very active with school and extracurricular activities. As a hairdresser, working long, physically and mentally exhausting days took it’s toll.

Most days my diet were fruits, cookies and sometimes I literally starved because a dairy allergy prevented me from eating prepared foods.  My body broke down, screaming with pain given the physical abuse. Although it was a “dream come true” career. It was agonizing and had to stop!  

I began experimenting with foods and juices for pain management and discovered that my body reacted differently when I ate certain foods and the pain subsided.  Going back to my roots in South America through food, opened up a world of possibilities for wheat and dairy free dishes.

Come along on this journey to add variety and cultivate a sustainable healthy eating lifestyle!

Why E-dacious?


Always Something New

Scrumptious Wheat and Dairy Free, Culturally Diverse Foods for Sustainable Healthy Eating.

Exceptional Recipes

Craft culturally diverse great tasting meals consistently!  Broiling, grilling, simmering or stewing.


Easy Recipe Directions

You will learn to connect to the “chef within” and prepare tasty, nourishing, delicious meals day after day.


Nourish & Honor your body

A philosophy of eating a balanced meal regulated only by moderation.


No Diet...Just Good Food.

Count nothing and eat everything. Healthy eating is a lifestyle not a meal plan!


Accessible Ingredients

All our recipes are created with easily accessable incredients to make life, and that perfect dinner, easy.


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