Buying Food – money spent or money invested?

What is the difference anyways – either way you are out the money from your wallet, true?  I believe there’s a huge difference in whether I spend money on food or I invest money on food.  Spending money for food, to me, is a depreciating proposition. It’s represents the times when you are buying “junk food” or “fast food” just to stop the grumblings in your stomach.  It’s likely going to cause pain later in the form of bloating, an upset stomach, acid re-flux, burping, low energy and sometimes even unwanted gas. Yuk! Is it really food when it causes all these reactions within hour body?

Investing in your food however, is an appreciating proposition.  The money will be out of your wallet regardless, so why not invest it wisely?  Invest in foods which will nourish, strengthen and support your body. Eating foods which enables you to maintain a high level of energy and alertness means you can achieve more with a calmer state of mind.  Investing in these types of foods mean you are investing money and time to select what’s right for you, not necessarily what’s convenient.

Processed “junk” or “fast” foods is a huge burden to your digestive system.  Your body was not designed to handle over processed foods. The extra stress on your organs is unnecessary.  Plus your energy dissipates; you feel sluggish and lose your alertness.

What to eat when you are on the road

I appreciate that some of you have careers which require you to be in your car most of the day.  If this is you, then take steps to bring along portable snacking items such as granola bars, chopped veggies, nuts and fruits.  Alternatively, when none of these are within grasp, you can visit a grocery store which has a deli counter. Majority of the time they will have prepared salads to which you can add some protein from the hot bar (chicken, fish, etc.).  Another item you can consider is to make your own veggie juice on the weekend and freeze it. Bringing along a frozen bottle of juice will also keep your other foods cool while it’s thawing.

Not that long ago I did a road trip which took four days to get to my destination.  The only food options along the highway is “junk or fast” food, not within the acceptable food group for someone who does not consume this type of food.  What’s a girl to do when she has a dairy allergy and practices a conscious wheat free meal plan? Easy fix! I brought along a cooler filled with a variety of dried fruits, and nuts.  Like most of the people who stopped at these rest stop locations, I joined the line at the McDonald’s or Burger King, or whatever chain food store was present there – what did I buy? A South Western Salad!  This gave me veggies, some protein with the grilled chicken, then – I packed it with my own flavourings from my cooler. I had the best, most satisfying meal!

The best grocery shopping strategies I’ve used in the past are:

Take time to prepare a shopping list. Having a list with you in the store minimizes impulse purchases. I am not going to say that it eliminates impulse purchases but it most certainly keeps you focused on the things you need not the things you would like. The bigger advantage to having a shopping list is that it keeps your budget in check. You know, there are many times when you show up at the cash register and you are surprised by the number the cashier tells you.  When you buy what you intended to buy, it keeps your wallet in check.  A list minimizes impulse purchases which in turn minimizes foods you did not intend to eat in the first place!

 What I do when I am tempted by an impulse item?

 When I am considering an impulse item in store, I think of the benefit this particular item will bring to my body. Growing up in South America allergies were practically non-existing. Much later in my adult life I developed a dairy allergy. Needless to say this has caused me to rethink how I approach a lot of foods, desserts especially! Given the excruciating pain that I experience when I consume foods which contain dairy, there is no joy in eating it. Now, I completely treat dairy items as a poisonous substance in my body.  Does it take will power, heck yes! Lots of it sometimes but I am proud to say I win the war, not just the battle. I have other friends who have a dairy allergy and they are willing to deal with the aftermath, I am not! I respect and appreciate my body way too much to abuse it in that manner.


If you are a parent – shopping with children makes it almost impossible to avoid impulse buying.  I know because I’ve been there, I have had those requests but how you handle it matters. I set up a system with my children:  “you will have a treat every second visit to the store. Once you’ve selected your treat, you must wait until it’s paid for and we are in the car or at home (depending on the item if it’s messy or not), before you are allowed to eat it.”  This kept a regular schedule for them and myself; as well it helped me to budget accordingly. It eliminated the tantrums, and most certainly saved me a ton of embarrassment in the grocery store.


I love to reap the benefits of a great investment!  Whether it’s real estate, stocks, business start up or MY BODY!  It must pay huge dividends. Energy is everything!



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