Chickpeas, a versatile and nutrient dense seed

Chickpeas A Versatile And Nutrient Dense Seed

Chickpeas – a versatile and nutrient dense seed.  Who doesn’t love this multipurpose, filling seed, right?  Typically, it’s the “go to” food for a quick protein fix and energy boost; let’s not forget however that it’s also filled with a host of other nutrients.  Chickpeas is highly versatile and tasty!

Chickpeas as a versatile and nutrient dense seed –  raw or canned whole Seed:

  • Eat it as a crunch snacking seed (fried or roasted)
  • Use it to make curries, stews and salads (after it’s cooked)
  • Used to feed animals (in its dry format)
  • Hummus (seeds are puree once cooked)
  • Cooked Seeds can then be pureed to make a wide selection of dishes, for example falafel, hummus and fritters.


Chickpeas as a versatile and nutrient dense seed flour:

Chickpeas flour give a phenomenal performance in all types of dishes.  It is very tasty which added good flavour to whatever you are cooking.

  • Frying – Chickpeas flour makes a great batter
  • Tappas and tortillas
  • Pancakes
  • Wraps
  • Baking – muffins, loafs, crispy flatbreads

Chickpeas is very nutritious and easily accessible for a quick meal that fills the hunger gap.

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I spent my childhood in South America, the most popular three ways that we enjoyed chickpeas was:

a) raw grains soaked overnight and then boiled.  Then, chop onions and sautee the boiled beans with ground cumin.  Usually serviced at religious functions where only vegetarian dishes were served. 

b)  Chickpeas and potato curry served with rice or roti (a homemade flatbread usually made from wheat flour).  This was usually a filler, back up type meal when my mom ran out of ideas for dinner. 

c) A fried crunchy snack.  At the time we didn’t have an oven, baking was done over open fire, so anything crispy was therefore fried in oil.  Adding some hot pepper sauce and salt, chickpeas made for a great past time crunchy munchie.


Today, chickpeas is still always in my house in both whole seed format and flour.  Quite often our family will sautée vegetables and onion then add chickpeas to make a filling breakfast, or anytime of day meal.

In today’s global economy, products are migrating across borders on various continents.  Those who are facing health issues and moving away from gluten or choosing to follow a rigorous vegetarian diet, are quickly adopting chickpeas, a versatile and nutrient dense seed as a staple food in their diet.  It almost being treated as a rescue food.  Even entrepreneurs who work at home and can’t find the time to prepare elaborate lunches are recognizing how easy it is to get an energy boost as well as clean nutrients through simple things like a chickpeas salad, or hummus in a veggie wrap.



Roasted chickpeas is becoming mainstream in North American, a super great alternative to nuts for snacking and very well suited to those who have nut allergies or sensitivities.

Chickpeas, as a versatile and nutrient dense seed flour in baked treats have a rich, tasty finish.  I would recommend you add chickpeas flour to a combination with other gluten free flours (if you want gluten free treats).  By itself, chickpeas flour is dense and dry, it requires a lot of liquids.  Personally, I love to mix it with navy bean flour, teff, brown rice or even oat.

In some part of the words, chickpea leaves are eaten.  They have a significantly higher mineral content than either cabbage leaves or spinach leaves. Consumption of chickpea leaves may contribute nutrients to the diet.[30] (source:   

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