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Read This If you Think Gluten & Dairy FREE recipes always taste like cardboard and is ONLY made from starch and sugar ….

If you’d like to bake gluten and dairy free recipes like cookies, muffins, flatbreads, pizza and other tasty foods for yourself and your family, this page has some exciting news for you, read on…

I’m going to reveal some tips and best practices that will have you baking mouth watering, clean ingredient treats in no time with gluten free baking recipes.

Dee Sarwan Founder, E-dacious


My name is Dee Sarwan.

I’m a Food Entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada. And, up until a few years ago, I was suffering but still loving my gluten based foods.
Everyone around me just ate what they wanted, making really cool desserts and eating out at restaurants and having a good time … basically loving life and enjoying food! No care what so ever about gluten and dairy free foods.
Then, here was me – constant stomach cramps, bloating, consistently low energy and feeling tired all the time.
To be honest, I knew I had to make changes but didn’t know what to do…
I was already dairy free and to me I wasn’t eating a lot of breads so gluten couldn’t really be my problem….


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How did I know Gluten was the culprit you ask?  

It happened one Sunday Morning as I got to the floor to do some simple stretches … yikes two stretches and I couldn’t move.   I knew I was seriously hurt but couldn’t identify what happened.

Something went seriously wrong with one of my legs.  By 6pm that same day I am going to the hospital in an ambulance.

Two months later I am still on crutches, sleeping on the couch, and being carried like a baby up the stairs to take a shower which by the way I couldn’t do myself.

Life had changed drastically, at best I thought I’d be in a wheelchair the rest of my life especially when two MRI’s, three untrasounds and four x-rays revealed no specific problem, therefore there was no diagnosis.

Crazy right?  I know….imagine my dilemma. What’s worse, the pain was constant. I couldn’t sleep and I spent the days and nights crying, praying, meditating, researching to understand what happened to my knee…anything that showed a glimmer of hope.


On a random day, a girlfriend came to visit and brought me reading material – a book about health and a gluten free recipes.

I decided to give it a whirl. I made a conscious effort to  cut out all sources and traces of gluten half believing that it would make a difference.

I started with easy gluten free recipes. Two and a half weeks after I went gluten free, I laid the crutches up against the wall and made my way to the kitchen all by myself – I wasn’t going to win the marathon but I was on my own feet taking baby steps … you have no idea how exhilarating I felt at that very moment.

I kept preparing gluten and dairy free recipes and a month later I drove myself to my physio appointment.

To Me I Had Hit The Jackpot!

My leg continued to strengthen and more and more I was going for longer walks, climbing stairs and later that same year, in fact eight months later, my entire family and I went on a vacation throughout Spain. If you’ve been there you know the terrain, I wasn’t concerned at all and thoroughly enjoyed my discoveries on foot.

Since then, I’ve been enjoying gluten and dairy free meals. Everything from easy gluten free meals to healthy cookies that are vegan.

Here’s the thing … it’s not just me, my whole family got behind the gluten and dairy free movement in our house.

Eventhough I started with easy gluten free recipes, I was substituting ingredients and changing the rations to make something different, using different types of flours and adjusting the type and amount of sweetener if needed.I soon realized how much I was missing from a variety standpoint. It became an obsession to try new flours to make pancakes, muffins, loafs, cookies, flatbreads, pizza basically anything that’s made with flour. Even coatings for baking and frying were gluten and dairy free.
Better yet,
I even designed a gluten and dairy free recipe for a rum cake at Christmas!
As I was healing, others were noticing. Everyone was intrigued and wanted to know how I did it.
I know you can relate when I say store bought premixes are often loads of sugar and starches and usually within the top 3-4 ingredients on the list. But, buying individual gluten free ingredients are also expensive and most people are too afraid to try gluten free baking recipes because it’s a very expensive proposition to try and fail. Worse, it turns our hard has cardboard and taste like it really shouldn’t be called food.

I Found Out It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way …

Food was meant to taste great! Clean Ingredients can and do make tasty treats. Sugar is not necessary. If anything, it’s more an addiction.
If you’re still on this page reading, I know you’re interested and what I’m saying is resonating with you.
And that’s because you’re probably thinking just like me, there has got to be a way to get great tasting gluten and dairy free foods that are not just starch and sugar. Right?


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She Bakes Gluten Dairy Gum FREE

is a step-by-step Clean Ingredient Recipe Guide to:

3 Unique All Purpose Flour Blends great for all your baking treats.

Pages 79 - 87 Bonus Section where you learn to create your own All Purpose Mixes, all clean ingredients, no unwanted gum, sugar or excessive simple starch.

Create your own all purpose mix saves a lot of time and is efficient when you need to whip up some muffins or a loaf. Even pancakes become so easy – apply the pancake guide provided on page 69.

Page 10 & 48 Highlights Plantain Flour!

If you’ve never used this before you MUST try it. Plantains are naturally sweet when they are ripe (yellow in colour on the skin) and often used for desserts. Green plantains are great for fries, soups and and chips. Adding plantains to your diet will bring forth a plethora of simple gluten free recipes

Page 26, 49 & 70 is all about Tigernut!

If you are not familiar with tigernut, it is a great source of antioxidants, a sweet nutty taste, yet not a nut. It belongs to the tuberous family and can be consumed in various ways, for example: raw, toasted, flour, milk, slices. Tigernut slices are great in baked goods and with oatmeal.

Page 12, 53 & 58 Details another great gluten free alternative – TEFF!

Teff, called an ancient grain (not a grain but a seed), naturally gluten free, high in calcium, fibre, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B6 and is easy to digest. Teff blends extremely well with other gluten free flours.

Page 11 & 64 Puts the spotlight on Green Banana - a life long favourite recognized for it pre-biotic qualities!

A resistant starch which helps to keep the gut healthy. Baking with green banana flour is something you definitely have to experience. Green Banana makes gluten and dairy free recipes easy and tasty since it’s naturally sweet.


The Full Version Here

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