It’s two p.m. in the afternoon and you hear the sudden growling noise coming from your stomach. As you glance up from your computer screen, you notice the half finished cold coffee from the morning sitting within reach. What do you do? You’re hungry. You have an important deadline. You have to get work done before the kids are home from school. The pondering question is – can you afford to take time out to eat or should you just ignore the grumblings form your stomach? Or, guzzle the stale cold coffee – yuk!

You might have heard the expression “there’s more time than there is life”. This is a very important truth. If you’re an entrepreneur especially, you know this hunger gap very well! Sadly, more often than not the choice is to keep going.

Three Reasons Why It’s a Bad Idea To Ignore the Hunger Gap

First of all, it will not go away! Secondly, your energy level fades the longer you stay hungry and third, you lose focus. Overall, your productivity drops. This means it takes longer to accomplish the same task versus when your body is adequately nourished. If you’re anything like me, you might feel agitated and impatient. One of the worst decisions – and we’ve all done it – is to reach for a sugar fix. This however is not so easy when you have a gluten or dairy allergy. Before I started to investigate food labeling; my “go-to” food was crackers and peanut butter. To my astonishment, a large number of crackers on the market contains milk ingredients. I definitely found that out the hard way.

Take Time to Honour Yourself!

When I know I have a super busy week ahead; I take the time to prepare a few quick snacking foods. Each week I focus on one, two or three wheat free grain. This provides a wide range of grains and nutrients plus it gives me variety throughout the week. Highlighted in the picture above are oat flour – crackers in jar; teff flour – cookies; and millet flour – herb bread. For these and other nutritious grain recipes go here.

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