Juice from vegetables is a huge foundational pillar to the gluten and dairy free lifestyle. Juice from vegetables provides a host of nutrients and fibre which can be lacking from gluten free foods. Its a clean source of nutrients especially if you're using organically grown vegetables.

Gluten free and juicing is a must to get what’s missing 

Juicing is the fastest way to get missing nutrients!


Gluten free and juicing most definitely goes hand in hand when it comes to getting balanced nutrition. There may not be specific skills but a little effort to your lifestyle if you are already gluten free, will pay huge dividends.

It’s been so long that gluten free and juicing is part of my routine; when there’s no juice, I feel something missing and my body definitely tell me that it needs nutrients.  

You may notice your nails getting brittle, your hair falling more than usual, your skin is not a vibrant, or a whole host of other symptoms.

Does this take a lot of time?

Time is relative.   It could seem time consuming if you let it or you can schedule it as an activity in your calendar and then it becomes a “self care” opportunity.  The better question to ask yourself is:  how committed am I to my health?

That may seem like a meaningless question, yet so many say they are committed to better health but never take action to do the things which promotes better health.

Gluten free and juicing is a “no- brainer”.  We all have, from time to time bought vegetables which we did not get around to using in meals.  Why not juice it instead of allowing it to go bad and into the recycle?

When you are committed to your health, gluten free and juicing is a bonus!

When you are committed to better health, it means you are in integrity with yourself and therefore will do what you say you will do.  Gluten free and juicing will no longer seem like a chore, but a health activity.

When you practice gluten free and juicing – it can only mean your body is getting the missing nutrients and fiber it needs to function optimally.

gluten and dairy free breakfast
gluten and dairy free lamb stew
gluten and dairy free pizza

Why do I believe in juicing so strongly?

My body weight.  No I’m not over-weight but have the opposite issue.  For my entire life, my body weight is barely a hundred pounds, yes under-weight as a child, a scrawny teenager and a stick thin young adult.

Some may say that is a good problem to have given the social craze for the perfect body.  I can tell you with absolute certainty thin people have problems too!

I didn’t set out to be thin, I don’t deny myself food if I’m hungry (the key is IF I’m hungry).  I don’t just eat because there’s food there.  

Having spent my childhood in South America, the seventh child born to “dirt poor” parents so there wasn’t much opportunity to constantly eat because food was available.  Having said that, it’s a huge blessing in disguise now because I eat when I’m hungry instead of looking for snacks all day long and eating unhealthy things.

Don’t get me wrong, I have cravings too and I indulge when I have a craving but it’s not an every day, every meal occurrence.  I believe in balance.

Benefits I’ve noticed once I learned how to couple gluten free and juicing:  

  • Less risk of auto-immune diseases
  • Healthy skin without rashes and dry patches
  • More energy to get through my day
  • Added nutrients missing from gluten free meals
  • Strong immune system
  • Practically flawless skin without the needs to expensive creams, facials and other topical rituals


gluten and dairy free pasta
gluten and dairy free pasta
gluten and dairy free pasta and fish
gluten and dairy free pasta and fish

I can’t afford to juice

Everyone can afford to juice!  I used to think the same way when I first lived on my own, having to pay rent, transportation, food and other living expenses.

The first thing I did is create a log every day to see where I was spending my hard earned dollars.  At the time I was standing seven to eight hours at work, mostly six days per week in one place making binders.  I was only in the country for a few years and was trying to get my bearings to figure out how to return to school.

To this day the best investment I ever made was to invest in a “cheap” juicer, I didn’t have time to cook.  I spent three hours every day travelling to and from work.  Even though I was not practicing a gluten and dairy free lifestyle at the time, I was getting huge benefits from juicing.

I don’t have a garden

Thankfully there are pots.   You don’t need special pots either, any container would do.  That’s how it’s done in South America.  As long as you have a window with some light you can do simple things like herbs and spinach, and other green leaf veggies.

You can even consider an indoor garden.  I haven’t tried this but it seems to be a lot of fun and produces a lot of healthy veggies too.

Do I have to juice everyday?

Definitely not!

I try to be somewhat consistent.  At the end of the summer when the harvest is plentiful I juice as much as I can and store them in the freezer.

Freeze as soon as you’re done juicing.

What do I juice?

Basically anything!  In this particular concoction shown here above, I harvested some items from the garden:  kohlrabi, collard, thyme, basil, celery, parsley, snow peas, snap peas and added store bought cucumber and apples.

It’s a different mix every time depending on what I have or what’s on sale at the supermarket.

Gluten free and juicing doesn’t have to be an exhausting chore.  Make it your lifestyle and you will find time and ways to do it.

Here’s to better health!

==> I’d love to be a part of your journey, as you transition and embrace a gluten and dairy free lifestyle. 

Connect in this group and get all the resources I’ll be sharing. https://www.facebook.com/groups/glutenanddairyfreemadesimple

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