Green Banana, a Versatile Resistant Starch than be a substitute or a side

Green banana is used for main meals, baking and chips. 


It has long been a staple in some parts of the world yet other countries, neighbourhoods and families are just learning about how to incorporate this highly nutritious food into their diet. For those who are diagnosed with celiac; green banana is a huge benefit from all aspects.  It is a pre-biotic food which aids in gut health, and  it can be used as a flour to bake amazingly delicious breads, muffins and cookies all gluten and dairy free recipes.  Green banana can be used as a substitute for potatoes in potato salads, or BBQ/boiled/baked and then saute with onions as a delicious side dish.  If none of that appeals to you, well then there’s always banana chips which everyone loves.

If you plan to make a side dish, chop the tops and bottoms off like the picture below, place on the bbq or in a bowl with 1/2 inch high water to bake.  When the green banana is ready, the skin will pop open along one of the veins, you can then remove the skin easily and slice to your desired thickness. 


Be mindful though, the store-bought banana chips are sometimes coated with syrup or other types of sweetener (the chips ones used to make snacking medley).

In my opinion, extra sweetener is totally not required since banana is a sweet fruit to begin with.   Other chips are fried, not usually in the best types of oil because they are commercially produced.  Granted that green banana is not as sweet as ripe bananas however it is still pleasant to the taste, additional sweetener is not required.  My personal preference for chips is the food dehydrater, it does an amazing job every time!

Historically, some cultures have strong connections to eating from the earth and the trees.   These cultures believe in eating foods in their most natural form as possible.  In the early days, boiling – pot over open fire or roasting was the option for cooking green bananas.

Today a lot of those same methods are proving to be the best ways to enjoy green bananas as well as baking with green banana flour.

The Institute of Food Technologists had this to say about green banana:  “The prebiotic-probiotic findings could lead to personalized gut health. A protocol could be designed to select fibers that would promote gut health in a person by supporting probiotic bacterial groups that were underrepresented in the person. An in vitro pretest or microbiota analysis would indicate which fiber-based prebiotics, and at what levels, should be taken at a personalized level.”  (published in the Food Business New 07.13.2020 ) By Jeff Gelski.


There are several ways to enjoy green banana:

  1. add it to soups and stews
  2. green banana salad (similar to potato salad),
  3. BBQ – slice and add to green salad, Boiled – slice and sautee with onions for a tasty side dish
  4. used in its flour format for baking – bakes amazingly well in gluten free recipes – breads, muffin, cookies, pancakes. 
  5. snack on it as chips.

Can you imagine using the pre-biotic in green banana to individually treat gut health issues?  You can start on your own road to health by adding green banana to your diet regularly.

A common complaint I hear from those who are eating gluten free meals, is that they are hungry all the time, so they eat more meals and snack a lot more often and as a result experience weight gain.

From my experience, majority of the gluten free baking mixes on the market are primarily made up of simple starch, gum and sugar.  Likely the weight gain is closely linked to these ingredients.  Foods with a high glycemic index which are easily absorbed causes blood sugar level to rise.

Green banana slows the digestive process.  It’s a resistant starch, not easily absorbed.  Therefore, it does not impact blood sugar levels.

Adding green banana to your gluten and dairy free recipes and meals help to keep you full and satisfied for a longer period of time.  The constant craving dissipates and as a result you’re not always seeking snacks and munchies.

Here’s to your new resistant starch friend, Green Banana!

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