Guilt-Free Indulgence Curbs Sugar Cravings

Guilt-free indulgence helps to curb the sugar cravings.  Research has shown there’s evidence of sugar addiction.  More importantly is the nationwide concern for type 2 diabetes.  This is not to say that sugar is always bad, however it is already is a majority of our everyday foods like condiments, sauces, seasonings and most definitely fast food.   We have no idea how much sugar we are eating from these foods alone.

When you go grocery shopping , do you sometimes feel like the bag of potato chips just fell off the shelf and into your cart?  Once it makes the journey home with you, the obvious next step is to devour every last morsel. Lick your fingers kind of good!  

Moments later the guilt trip starts, you are mad at yourself for giving into your cravings.  You beat yourself up about your weight and your inability to stay on your diet.

I was really glad when my body became lactose intolerant; that means I had to change all my habits and become a conscious shopper or suffer terribly.  Now I’m very conditioned to read ingredient labels. 

My best advice – let it go!  It’s in the past. The only thing that matters is this very moment now!  You’re not alone on your journey. I would venture to guess you made it to this article because you’re interested in healthier meals, in a sustainable way of life and in finding a new way to add variety to your meals without compromising taste or nutrients.  

Who is in charge of the power play?

Your next move is the power play. You are in charge of the power play!  Acknowledge it and move on. The biggest lesson I’ve learned in my life is to stay in control of my decisions.  Guilt-free indulgence  means you can have a chocolate chip cookie and be satisfied.  It is always better to prepare your own “treats” and snacking foods vs purchasing  premade.  When you are preparing it yourself, you can ensure it’s made with “better for you” ingredients and you have the ability to administer how much sweetener you want to add if any at all.

Whether you consciously make the decision to participate in guilt-free indulgence or you passively satisfy the cravings  – you are still making a decision.  For me, I’d rather know that I consciously made the decision and this keeps me in a positive mindset because I know what I am eating.

teff grains
mid afternoon snack
figs and chia pudding

Is indulging a sin?

Likely yes, indulging would be considered a sin according to your diet plan.  For this reason, I’ve never been on a diet my entire life. If I have a craving and it’s something I can eat without getting ill (I have a dairy allergy); then I will indulge myself.  Balance and moderation are my guides. I want to enjoy what I crave and then it’s over. No guilt, no self hassle, no self bashing. I know that I made the decision consciously; I enjoyed it and now I’m on my path to what I am deeply committed to doing, eating a balance diet and respecting my body.  For me, guilt-free indulgence is treating myself to something I would not normally eat everyday.

3 Big Reasons Why Diets Do NOT work

Before we get into the reasons, I have to ask, if you’re on a diet – why?  When you practice and have a driven ambition to be thin and lose weight just so you could fit into old clothes or look like “so and so”; you are setting yourself up for failure.  It is no secret that most people lose the weight when they follow a plan and add the weight back the moment the program is over.  I am not say to be passive and not take any action if you need to.  However, I believe healthy eating is a lifestyle, no a meal plan!

The first reason

I believe diets don’t work is because your belief system has not transformed to allow you to achieve the ideal weight that you want to be.  Sometimes it’s old conditioning from your childhood because your parents made you eat everything on your plate when you did not need it all. Mentally visualize yourself as having the ideal body weight, dress size, waist measurement – whatever  you are trying to achieve.  What happens is that the law of attraction shows up and gives you more of what you’re thinking about. 

You have to stop the self sabotage that takes place within yourself – “I am over-weight”, “I am fat”, “I am ….” In this vicious cycle you will only get more of what you do not want.  Instead, practice the visualization exercise and before long that will be the dominant thought and will therefore be what the law of attraction delivers.


I believe it’s easy to find excuses to eat.  Sometimes I hear others say – I eat when I am stressed.  Well, why are you stressed? Yes! I know that’s a loaded question.  The hard truth is that nothing external of yourself can cause you to stress.  Stress is caused internally based on the act of you rejecting or not accepting the situation for what it is.  Not “how to you feel about it”, not “what you think about it”, just what it is – no more no less. You must change the internal dialogue to manage your emotional investment in the situation. Only you can control this internal chatter.


I use food as fuel for my body.  All the way back to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, food is in the “needs” layer.  It is required and necessary for us to live happy healthy lives. This is where self discipline comes in.  You might say “easier said than done”. I get it! I do. The trick is to see food as fuel, not as a crutch.  This discipline has helped me to stay my ideal weight even after birthing two children and adding 35-37 pounds to my body weight each time.  

I am also the thinnest amongst my siblings in a family of nine children. From a very young age, if I did not like the taste of something then I just don’t eat it.  More importantly, when I feel I’ve had enough to eat I am no longer interested in food. Regardless of how good it looks, or smells or how much my friends or family try to force it towards me.  My mantra: Food is Fuel, Not a Crutch.

There is no food demon.  Food is not your enemy. Food is not a crutch to manage stress.  You are here on planet earth and will inherit one body in this lifetime.   Honor your body. Love it, flaws and all – that’s what makes you uniquely you! Moderation and Balance are your guides!

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