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Gluten & Dairy Free Jump Start Bundle (value $189)


SEVEN MODULES filled with meal inspirations, recipes, best practices and everyday hacks so you can easily transition to a gluten and dairy free lifestyle without the frustrations or hours wasted looking for recipes.


  1. Gluten and Dairy Free Lifestyle Guide
  2. Gluten and Dairy Free Root Foods
  3. Gluten and Dairy Free Snacking Foods
  4. Gluten and Dairy Free Pasta
  5. Gluten and Dairy Free Grains and Seeds
  6. Gluten and Dairy Free  14 Grain Free Foods
  7. Gluten and Dairy Free Desserts


Recipe Guide – She Bakes Gluten Dairy Gum Free (value $13)


All original recipes –  free from:

  • soy
  • yeast
  • refined sugar
  • gum
  • potato starch
  • corn starch
  • excessive simple starch

==>  Extensive list of more than 16 different types of gluten free flour

==>  Recommended brands gluten free pastas

==>  An extensive list of tips and best practices for successfully baking gluten and dairy free

==>  An Extensive list of dairy free milk choices

==>  Wraps, muffins, cookies, snacking loaf, pancakes

==>  Recipes for Custom mixes – never buy pre-mix again



Gluten and Dairy Free Breakfast inspiration Guide (value $47)


48-Page Breakfast Inspiration Guide

Living with a gluten and/or dairy allergy is a Way of Life, not random acts when its convenient.

Learning how to navigate and explore new foods and methods to prepare old favourites will open up a plethora of choices.

  • Unique combinations
  • Incorporate leftovers
  • Pack Extra protein without having eggs every day




Group LIVE Getting Started Session – Gluten and Dairy Free (value $97)


45 Minutes of LIVE conversation.

Confusion, discouragement and frustrations are not necessary.

You will learn about ingredients which will help to ease the transition.

Learning how to start off in the right direction and how to develop a simple daily routing to keep your tummy satisfied.

Learn tips, and techniques to avoid cross contamination  in your own kitchen.

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