How to Make Cassava Bread Pizza 

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Cassava is a big favourite for us.  This Cassava Pizza Bread is so easy to make – no yeast, no soy, no xanthan gum.   Just clean simple ingredients.  The pizza breads can be made ahead and freeze for pizza night, or that random pizza party! 

Cassava flour requires a lot more liquid than other gluten free flour. 

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Ingredients and Directions:

Cassava Pizza Bread

Video Step by Step Instructions

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Vegan made with Teff Flour and contains GF Oat and GF Oat Flour.  Every chocolate lover’s dream!  Naturally sweetened with raisins.

ginger apricot

Vegan made with Teff Flour and contains GF Oat and GF Oat Flour with a burst of ginger!  Naturally sweetened with apricot.

citrus tigernut

Vegan made with Teff Flour and contains GF Oat and GF Oat Flour.  A refreshing citrus nutty taste!  Naturally sweetened with tigernut slices and raisins.

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