What is Tigernut?

Tigernut Slices is my new best friend!


Tigernut is a superfood with it’s origin in Africa.  Called a nut yet NOT a nut, it belongs to the tuberous family of foods.  It is boldly entering the north american diet and is highly regarded for it’s nutritional content.  A great source of iron, potassium, phosphorus, protein, zinc and other vitamins and minerals.  Aside from all those listed, a more significant benefit is its resistant starch quality which is beneficial to gut health.

They are filling from the high fiber content.  Tigernut has a sweet nutty aftertaste similar to coconut flour, you will be pleasantly surprised as how good it tastes.  It is available as a whole nut, in slices, milk or flour format and very easy to incorporate this highly nutritious superfood into your diet.

Tigernut slices, flour or milk is a great addition to the paleo diet since it is not a nut or a grain.  Tigernut is also completely gluten free and therefore safe for those with celiac issues.

This nutrient dense super food, Tigernut –  is gaining attention from a wide audience; even had it presence known in a Forbes article.


Ways to use Tigernut Slices, Flour,  and Milk

The whole tigernut is chewy (somewhat rubbery) and is a strain on the jaws.  If you are wanting to eat the nut without cooking it, then I suggest the slices.  Tigernut slices can be added to soups and stews to provide a thicker hearty finish.

Tigernut Slices

Tigernut Slices are great in salads and as a topping for baked treats (same as you would top with oats).  They can be added in the batter for a nice texture when the treats are baked too.  Another option is to add these slices to your breakfast oatmeal.  Additionally, you can chop the slices finely in a blender and use it to make a breaded topping for fish, and other meats.  Alternatively, finely chopped slices can be added to meatloaf and meatballs.

Tigernut Milk

Tigernut milk is greatest substitue for cow’s milk in my humble opinion.   I’ve had a severe allergy to lactose for more than a decade now and have yet to find an alternative milk which does not contain a high amount of salt, gum or other additives – no thank you!  Tigernut milk is super easy to make yourself and is thick, creamy and full bodied.

 Tigernut Flour

From my own experience, I highly recommend tigernut flour for baking.  Texture, taste, rise and overall appeal is enticing


Other ways to incorporate tigernut slices in your meals. 

In oatmeal it adds a nice crunch if you’re into texture in your oatmeal.



cooked oatmeal with tigernut slices
baked chocolate cookies tigernut slices
baked muffins with tigernut slices on top

Baking with Tigernut

Tigernut flour is superb for baking.  It can be used alone or in combination with other gluten free flour.

Use it as a topping, like you would oats or add it as an ingredient  to the batter before baking.

Tigernut slices as a topping

Add tigernut slices to salads of any kind (potato, garden, quinoa, bean or roasted vegetables, etc.).  Tigernut slices brings crunch and a unque taste to salads,  similarly to how you would use chia seeds, nuts or any other super foods you like to add to your salads.

tigernut slices

Used to make pudding

Are you a lover of chia pudding?  If yes, fantastic!  Much like teff grains, tigernut slices can also be added to your chia pudding, adds great texture.  Tigernut has a sweet finsh and adds a pleasant taste to the pudding.

chia pudding with tigernut slices

Coating for chicken

Breaded chicken has never tasted better!  Add some slices to the blender and grinding it into a finer texture, provides for a super breaded coating when you’re baking chicken, fish, or any other meat adds a nice crunchy finish to the baked food.  A fantastic gluten free option.

Soups and Stews

Tigernut slices in soups and stews?  Again, a great addition to turn an already hearty meal into a highly nutritious meal by adding tigernut slices.

Where to buy Teff?

Tigernut slices are not yet popular in North America, however it’s becoming know to those who are looking for gluten free options.  The easiet place to source it would be Amazon.

If you’re buying teff flour, keep it in the fridge to maintain it’s freshness.

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Cook book

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